DON’T PANIC….Trump is in the Lead, for now!

So Today  marks the day the Hillary Clinton officially made history by being the first woman to win the Democratic Party’s White House Nomination. Clinton’s historical nomination came with a scare seeing that Trump is ahead in the polls by 5% in a four way match up. hilary

Don’t Panic! Trump’s lead is ideal hence the fact that the Republican’s convention was last week. The Democratic party’s convention will take place this week (Today being Day 2) which will most likely place Clinton back in the lead after voters hear what she has to say and where she stands on greater issues.

One can only hope Clinton will regain the lead! Remember to check your mail for ballots, get registered if you aren’t already, and double check your eligibility to vote online! Don’t take this election lightly! trump

Tonight was so emotional for many across America during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. A group called “Mothers of the Movement” (a group that consists of Black women who were directly affected by police brutality or gun violence) made a heartfelt plea to voters on Clintons behalf. The women insisted that Clinton felt and understood the meaning and purpose of their movement.mothers

Words from former President Jimmy Carter also left an impact on viewers when he expressed that Trumps morals and ethics violate the values that America was founded on. Carter stated, “We can and must do better.”

Of course Michelle Obama made a moving speech in Hillary Clinton’s honor explaining the many reasons for her support. She mentioned that the most admirable characteristic of Hilary Clinton was that “she never buckles under pressure.” Michelle’s persuasion was undeniable.

What a moving night for the Democratic Party!

Do your part and VOTE!