Name: MsKariba… ‘Kariba’

Describe yourself in 4 words: Energetic, Creative, Intense, Passionate

Where do you see yourself in 7 years:
In 7 years…. WOWZA! That’s a long time, just short of 10 years. And thinking that far in advance is kinda scary. None the less… in 7 years I would hope to see myself with a thriving Event/Entertainment company. Capturing beautiful people around the world with my camera, and having a cute little family.

What inspires you?
People actually inspire me. I love watching to see how people interact with their environment and also with each other. There is so much that can be learned and applied to life in general. Another major inspiration is Oprah Winfrey. I seriously love how much she has accomplished and strive to leave a legacy like she has created in her lifetime. #TeamOprah!

Favorite Quote: Invictus – William Ernest Henley

What interests you? Space, Cultures, Photography, Traveling, Amazing Food, Family History