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I want to start off by saying that I love my girlfriend. I just don’t think I love her family. I want to propose to her, however my fear is that I’ll be marrying her crazy family as well. What do you suggest I do? – Anonymous

Dear Anonymous… thanks for sending in your email! Here’s the thing, you love your girlfriend and if she’s close to her family she too is a product of whatever it is you’re trying to avoid in a sense. The best advice that can be given is this… figure out what it is about her family that you can’t stand, and see how you can remedy the situation.

Communication is key. At the end of the day follow your heart. Life is entirely too short to put your happiness aside for the sake of others. So talk with your girlfriend and see where she stands on your feelings when it comes to her family. Best of luck! You GOT THIS!

The Talk Guru- xoxo