Pokémon Go… The Takeover!

We all have seen the massive takeover with the Pokémon Go app. Well… I personally have ZERO memory left on my iPhone so the thought of even downloading the app was never in question. HOWEVER, there have been tons of mixed reviews with this ‘Family Friendly??’ application. I’ll make a short list of things that come to mind….


  1. If you don’t care to play the game on the APP then carry on. Nobody is forcing it down your throat.

  2. Let the kids, teenagers, adults and elderly people enjoy some interactive fun!

  3. The app is causing people to be more active. Think about how many people you’ve seen at the park lately on their phones trying to ‘catch em all!’ 025Pikachu_OS_anime_10

  4. Young Adults might have a bigger connection to this app than the new school ‘kids’. Let them be great!

  5. Drive EXTRA cautious around any and all parks. It’s getting real out there.

  6. Learn the theme song so you can enjoy the video below!


So you Pokémon trainers out there… keep doing you. Be safe and don’t forget to CATCH THEM ALL!!

– Kariba