Take 3!

We all hear the saying… “If at first you don’t succeed, try again”. Well this is go #3, so let’s see what happens this time around. Talk in the City (TITC) started from a convo at a Denny’s back in 2011. It had an amazing run for 1.5 years and then fizzled out. A lot of people kept asking the same question. “What happened to Talk in the City?”… “Kariba, is Talk in the City ever coming back?”. Those questions were hard to respond to because I didn’t know what direction I wanted to move forward when it came to all things TITC.

So what happened exactly? I’ll tell you… growth! People grow up and they change. Priorities start to shift and all that good stuff in between. Back in 2011 the TITC team would do our absolute best to cover as many stories/events that were happening in/around the greater Seattle region. We were in our early/mid 20’s and most of the events we’d be asked to cover involved the Seattle nightlife. As you can imagine… one can get burnt out quite quickly from being out and about all the time. Couple that with running a business, traveling, spending time with family, searching for consistent contributors, team dynamics and all the pieces that would make things function properly and flow. It all adds up rather quickly and going back to what I already stated, priorities shift.

Here we are, just you my readers/viewers and me! Me = Kariba… I decided to go ahead and take the reins and run this ship the way I’ve always envisioned it to sail. I’ll have some wonderful contributors working alongside me, but the core vision has been fine tuned. This site is designed to let those visiting/living/moving to Seattle feel and become one with the true heartbeat that makes this city great.

There will be featured spotlights on businesses/brands, event hosting with the ‘Talk Team’, sponsored events and so much more. It feels great to be back!

If you have an event that you’d like added to the SEATTLE EVENT CALENDAR please feel free to email talkinthecity@gmail.com with the details. The entire month of June will have complimentary event calendar hosting so send your events over soon. If you’d like Talk in the City to feature or be a part of your event please do send over an email – Talkinthecity@gmail.com


— Kariba