Thrifting can be considered the Holy Grail when your keen eye is right on the Money…or you just happen to be fashionably lucky or blessed by the SLAY GAWDS!
The last two weeks I have been all of the above! Thrifting is beyond addicting!
I don’t go thrifting to find graphic tees or tennis shoes… Oh no! I go to find Vintage Diamonds in the Rough! With in the last two weeks I have been blessed to have found some amazing pieces made of the best fabrics, hand beaded, and labeled down to the socks.
One of my favorite pieces has to be this black cocktail dress from Saks Fifth Avenue! This beautiful sequence dress was regularly $500.00 I found it in a Value Village for $12.99.
To be able to share these beautiful pieces with you I will be photographing these gems and dressing them up to meet their highest point of potential.
I have a sacred love for each piece that I find. I ask myself what in this world has this piece seen? Where has it been? What story does it have to tell? I believe each piece has a life of its own and I find peace and serenity in making up my own story for each beautiful, fashion fossil that I find!
I feel as though I save each item’s fashion-life and give them one last hoorah before they’re pushed to the back of someone else’s closet or even worse, thrown away!
Stay Tuned for the Resurrection of the Lost Linens n’ Things!